Iraq Deliveries

Iraq Deliveries


We have been arranging ongoing land, air and sea shipments for all types of projects in the following Iraqi regions; Zakho, Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Mosul (North Iraq), Falloujah (West Iraq), Refai (South Iraq) , Al Mowafaqia (between El Kut and Nassiriyah), Baghdad, Bazian, Kirkuk.

These have been door to door shipments from suppliers in Europe, USA, Africa, and the Far East, utilising the transit countries of Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and the UAE.

The cargo is routed through the port of Istanbul, Mersin or Iskenderun ports which is the best point of entry for cargo moving between Iraq and USA, China, Europe, North Africa and an alternative point of entry for The Far East.

Services include containerized transportation, trailer transportation or customs process, warehousing, shipment tracking and proof of delivery upon request.

How We Offer

Olimar Global Logistics offers total service from all over the world to Iraq. Transhipment services via Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Iskenderun ports a PLUS!.

Whether you are in oil and gas industries, export business, or project logistics, we can collect, transport and deliver your full or partial and abnormal loads destined for Iraq.

** Weekly / Regular LTL service from Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin port to Iraq destinations.

Main Locations in Iraq: * Zakho * Kirkuk * Erbil * Baghdad * Sulaimaniyah * Umm Qasr