Procurement logistics at Olimars means:

  • - The right product, from the right supplier, at the right price, at the right quality, delivered on time to the right place

  • - Cost optimization by taking shortest route, freight consolidation, reductions in inventory and optimal utilization of production capacity

  • - Cost reductions by using alternative forms of transport

  • - Competitive factor playing a more and more important role in the success of companies

Our experience:

- Sourcing – non-commercial/commercial, promotional goods, markings, branding
- Importing – controlling transport from source to delivery, organising customs clearance,documentation, duties and taxes, door delivery.
- Warehousing – secure storage, fulfillment operations, pick n pack, co-packing and labelling.
- Transport – from ports and airports post clearance, to a nominated delivery point, PODs, timed deliveries.
- Control -  tracks n traces all export and import transactions. Reports on activity (volumes, values, spend) and on specifics (eg/ royalties)


- Automotive

- Building Materials

- Agriculture

- Health

- Textile

- Marble

- Foodstuff